Tapas and Tears

Jaime never wanted to go on the school exchange trip to Spain in the first place. She finds life awkward enough as it is and, because of her embarrassing blushing habit, she tries to avoid drawing attention to herself. Living in someone else’s home, and in a foreign country, is way out of her comfort zone! But she reluctantly has agreed to stay with the carefully selected and colourfully-named Concepci?n Inmaculada. After all, a girl named after the Virgin Mary has got to be quiet, kind and gentle …

Wrong! Concha is a scary, rebellious, boy-mad loner with a mind of her own. Jaime is going to have to be prepared for anything and everything! Ol?!

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ISBN: 9780340970775
Pub Date: 4th Feb 2010
Published by: Hodder Children’s Books

Also available as an eBook

My notes on Tapas and Tears…

All my children went on exchange holidays to experience life with a family in another country, and they always came back with many tales to tell, so they thought it was time I wrote a book about it. Of course, we hosted their exchange partners too – and there was rarely a dull moment. Though luckily, we never had a Concha.

It's an easy read but that doesn't mean it's fluffy - just that the proper, juicy themes are presented with a wonderful, flowing narrative that lets you lose yourself in the world of Jaime et al from the very start.

(The Bookbag.co.uk)

A page turner and a half, readers of all ages will be enchanted...

(St Ives Times)

A great book for a teenager to read on their own, or for a younger child to read with an adult.

(Cornwall Today)

It gets straight to the heart of the teenage experience, without a cliche in sight. It is a great read, whether you happen to be 12 ... or three times that ...

(Western Morning News)

...hard to put this absorbing and entertaining book down.


Another authentic drama for young teens.

(The Bookseller)

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