A Great Email from a Fan

Just wanted to tell you how much I loved your book ‘He’s After Me’!

You visited my school a while back, Bishop Walsh and I had actually read He’s After Me a while ago. It was a wonderful book with a great plot line that refused to let me put the book down. I finished it very quickly as I am such a bookworm. I really hope there is a sequel as you left it on such a cliffhanger! I’d love to know what happens to all the characters, especially about how Anna felt after her sister’s death. Would she find Jem? Would anyone? Would he continue to graffiti? I just hope you carry out another book because this one was absolutely brilliant. The story is so gripping and I couldn’t stop reading when I picked it up. I was incredibly impressed with the ending of the book. Sad and heart breaking, but so realistic. But I feel that it’s unfinished and I believe a sequel would be perfect – no matter how short or long. Although, one thing about the book was that I felt we didn’t get enough of Jem’s point of view. Yes, the short snippets were very effective, however, I think a lot of fans would of loved more of an insight into his mind. Anyway, the reason I decided to read this book was when you visited our school, you read out the first couple of pages and I found it very interesting. I decided to pick up the book and I must say, excellent choice of the front cover&title. It really drew me towards the book. It was incredibly well written and detailed compared to many books I have picked up. Usually I stick to fantasy and supernatural but I really did love this book! Coming from me, this is a very big compliment because books without fantasy are what I usually avoid and dislike. But I really did think this was a brilliant book. I hope you take this to heart and realize that you have many many fans and people who appreciate your writing.

~Sinead (A big fan) Emoji

Great email from Sinead who’s raised some really interesting points. Do you agree with her that we need more of Jem’s point of view? Or is better to leave him mysterious? And is it unfinished and if so, would you like a sequel? Let me know what you think.