A little about me…

I was born in South Wales, the youngest of four children, two boys and two girls, but now I live at the very tip of England, in West Cornwall, as far as you can go. I’m married with four daughters but I have three sons-in-law and four little grandsons as well, which evens up the gender imbalance in our family quite a bit. Plus, I have four little granddaughters.

Oh, flip! That makes me sound soooo ancient! But my grandchildren have all arrived over the past eleven years so I’m not quite as old as I sound. Honest!

I used to teach English and Drama but now I’m a full-time writer which is a lot easier, believe me. I do miss the fun of the classroom though, so I love to do festivals and visits to schools and libraries as I can get to talk to my readers and find out what they think.

My favourite things in life are my family, friends, fresh air, Cornish beaches, Australia where I lived for a while, good books …oh, and writing, of course.

It’s hard to get us all together nowadays. Here’s a photo of not quite the whole family. (Four missing plus two little heads peeping over their dad’s and mum’s backs. Can you spot them?)

Here some photos of my lovely grandchildren Vinny, Zac, Ella, Jake, Bea and Louis. Between them they provide me with lots of inspiration.

We do seem to spend a lot of time on beaches. Even wedding days. Here’s a great photo of my son-in-law, Matt, jumping for joy.

I’ve really enjoyed writing my slightly older books, “He’s After Me” and “The Day I Met Suzie”. In many ways they’re not dissimilar to my other books but they’re slightly older, darker and scarier. They certainly scared me! (Check out the character who crept into “He’s After Me” from one of my earlier books, “It’s a 50/50 Thing”!) And in response to your frequent requests, yes, I do agree. It’s time I wrote another book in the same genre.

I haven’t forgotten my younger readers though.

“The Secrets Club” series is aimed at the top years of primary school and the first year of secondary school. I’ll never forget what it felt like to start “big” school. Join Alice, Tash, Dani and Lissa at Riverside Academy as they get to know each other and discover each others secrets.

And for younger readers still, there’s “My Funny Family” series for newly independent readers, illustrated by the amazing Lee Wildish. I LOVE writing these books about the lovely chaotic Butterfield family as seen through the eyes of Mattie who’s a bit of a worrier. You’ll be glad to know that two new books are out this year, “My Funny Family Saves the Day” in March and “My Funny Family Gets Funnier” in November.

One of the reasons I so enjoy being a writer is that I’m never quite sure what my characters are going to do next. I love the unpredictability of it, and the way they emerge from my imagination and take over the page. With each new book, I set out on a new adventure. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoy writing about them.

Keep checking the website! I promise to update as much as possible!