Welcome to my website

Welcome to my brand-new website. I hope you like the new look as much as I do and find it easy to get around.

This website is for you-my readers-and for parents, teachers, librarians, bookshops and fans of all ages. Here you can find out all about me and my writing.

As there are now quite a lot of books I’ve broadly divided them into age-groups to make it easier to find the right book for you. If you are finding it difficult to to obtain a copy of a particular book you can always buy it direct from me (send me an email) or from the Edge of the World Bookshop (see below)

I love meeting my readers. Check out the Events Page to see some of the things that I’ve done. If you would like me to come into your school, go to the School Visits Page to see my guidelines on setting up a visit.

And to see what I’m up to at the moment, read my blog which I will be updating regularly. Or if you are old enough, catch me on Facebook at Chris Higgins Author or on Twitter @CHigginsAuthor.


– Latest Blog Posts –

Competition time!

Congratulations to Rebecca Ball for winning the Best First Line of a Story Competition. “Once there was a girl with spaghetti hair …. ” I just have to find out more about this pasta-headed girl! Keep writing Rebecca! Rebecca wins a signed copy of my book, “It’s a 50/50... read more

Leaders of Literacy

Delighted to meet up with the Leaders of Literacy who are doing great things at Saltash.net Community School and in the wider community. Will be reporting on these guys regularly. Please visit my new Patron of Reading page on the menu... read more

Audio books

Delighted to see that “Trouble Next Door” and “Trouble at School” have been published as audio books. Perfect for those long car journeys.   read more

– My Books –

My Funny Family

For newly independent readers in primary schools. The adventures of the chaotic but lovable Butterfield family.

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The Secrets Club

Ideal for older primary/early secondary students because they are about starting secondary school.

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Teen Fiction

Real life novels about family, school, secrets, the faces we show to the world, the way your life can so easily spiral out of control and the extraordinary things that happen to ordinary people.

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Older Fiction

Also for teens, but more complex psychological dramas with a thriller element.

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Signed Copies

Did you know you can get signed copies of all of my books?

Simply pop by and visit the lovely Rachel and James at the Edge of the World Bookshop in Penzance. Or if you can’t get to the store – check out their website: http://www.edgeoftheworldbookshop.co.uk

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