It's a 50/50 Thing

Starting all over again in a new town can be hard enough but with Dad not around anymore, her Mum on the verge of a breakdown and a kid sister to look after – Kally’s life is suddenly full of secrets.

When the gorgeous Jem skates into Kally’s life and sweeps her off her feet, things finally seem to be going right. But as she and Jem grow closer, Kally dicovers there’s more than one side to him and that she’s not the only one with things to hide. Soon her life is spinning out of control …

Book details

ISBN: 9781444900002
Pub Date: 1st Feb 2008
Published by: Hodder Children’s Books

Also available as an eBook

My notes on It’s a 50/50 Thing…

Human nature is fascinating. I firmly believe no-one is a hundred per cent good or a hundred per cent bad and most of us are a complicated mixture of both. Jem, one of my most interesting and complex characters yet, is particularly difficult to read. Can Kally trust him?

Winner of the Lincolnshire Young People's Book Award 2010

There are so many strands to this book that are beautifully interwoven.

(The Book Bag)

A story filled with surprises and puzzles... a rattling good read.

(St Ives Times and Echo)

It kept you hanging on the edge of your seat.... I couldn't put it down, I got so engrossed in it.


I really enjoyed all three of them - I think they were brilliant - I honestly couldn't choose which was my favourite one!


An instantly engaging tale of obsessive and controlling behaviour, with a cast of interesting and well-drawn characters.


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