32c That's Me

Jess seems to have it all. She has a gorgeous boyfriend, Muggs, landed the lead in the school play and her best friend Ali will always stick by her. She even gets on well with her older sister!

Then her mum is diagnosed with breast cancer and Jess’s world is turned upside down. No one seems to understand what she’s going through. Muggs is too busy with the play, her dad is never around to talk to and all of a sudden Ali is avoiding her. Jess soon starts to realise that maybe having it all isn’t what really matters and maybe the people you thought you could depend on aren’t the ones to trust.

Book details

ISBN: 9780340999974
Pub Date: 31 Jul 2006
Published by: Hodder Children’s Books

Also available as an eBook

My notes on 32c That’s Me…

We all like to think we’re in charge of our own lives but the truth is, and I speak from experience, they can so easily spiral out of control through no fault of our own. Poor Jess, she thought she had it all but she didn’t see what was coming round the corner.

This book was the best ever!!!!

(Rosie Coghlan, Red House Books)

The best flipping book I've ever read...in my whollllle life!!!

(Sam, Amazon)

An excellent debut from an author well able to identify with teenagers

(West Briton)

A moving, honest and most of all positive story about friendship, family and trust. Will make you laugh and cry.

(Shop Scotland)

A well-balanced story that deals with a number of difficult issues in a sensitive and compelling way.


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