How extraordinary is this?

How extraordinary is this?
For the past year I have been working on a new teen book. I’ve been totally immersed in its world and conducted months of research. The world is that of the Cornish sea which I live very close to and know extremely well. Above is a photo of me paddle-boarding out in the bay, something I do most days, when the weather’s good.
But the sea is unpredictable and untrustworthy. Sometimes it can catch you out.
I’ve just finished this book and it’s out next year with Hodder. The title is, “A Boy Called Ocean”.
And this week something extraordinary happened. It was all over the news. A young man drifted out to sea on a surfboard and survived against all the odds. And here’s the thing. In my book, “A Boy called Ocean”, a boy drifts out to sea on a surfboard.
I’m not going to tell you whether he survives or not. Because I want you to read the story.