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Competition time!

Congratulations to Rebecca Ball for winning the Best First Line of a Story Competition. “Once there was a girl with spaghetti hair …. ” I just have to find out more about this pasta-headed girl! Keep writing Rebecca! Rebecca wins a signed copy of my book, “It’s a 50/50... read more

Audio books

Delighted to see that “Trouble Next Door” and “Trouble at School” have been published as audio books. Perfect for those long car journeys.   read more

Book launch

Great to have Patch Harvey, coxswain of the Penlee Lifeboat, and Mesha Wardman, European surf life-saving champion, at the launch of “A boy called Ocean”. What a team! And the audience thought so too. Here they are pouring into the St John’s... read more

Trouble on the Farm

Great news! “Trouble on the Farm” comes out on Thursday, 9th August. When Magda decides to join Bella and Sid on a visit to their friend’s farm, trouble is bound to happen! The third adventure in the “Here comes Trouble” series.?   Bella and Sid are off to Tom and Kizzys farm to meet the cows, play with the dog and feed the chickens. But at the last minute Magda decides to join them. Uh, oh! Soon theres a runaway tractor, a wedding disaster and lots of cowpats. Can Bella step in and save the day? Read more... read more

New Book

Further adventures of Bella and Magda. In the shops now!   It’s Bella’s first day at her new school. Luckily her best friend Magda will be in the same class. All Bella wants to do is make a good first impression, but with Magda around clean shirts get covered in yoghurt, homework disappears and art class is a disaster waiting to happen! But Magda means well … doesn’t... read more

How extraordinary is this?

For the past year I have been working on a new teen book. I’ve been totally immersed in its world and conducted months of research. The world is that of the Cornish sea which I live very close to and know extremely well. Above is a photo of me paddle-boarding out in the bay, something I do most days, when the weather’s good…

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