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New Book

Further adventures of Bella and Magda. In the shops now!   It’s Bella’s first day at her new school. Luckily her best friend Magda will be in the same class. All Bella wants to do is make a good first impression, but with Magda around clean shirts get covered in yoghurt, homework disappears and art class is a disaster waiting to happen! But Magda means well … doesn’t... read more

How extraordinary is this?

For the past year I have been working on a new teen book. I’ve been totally immersed in its world and conducted months of research. The world is that of the Cornish sea which I live very close to and know extremely well. Above is a photo of me paddle-boarding out in the bay, something I do most days, when the weather’s good…

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Sharjah Festival

I had a wonderful time at the Sharjah International Festival of Reading. I visited the Shining Star school in Abu Dhabi, the Gulf Asian School in Sharjah and the Ambassador School in Dubai and met many fantastic and enthusiastic readers who really value books…

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Early Christmas Present

I am thrilled to have received through the post my author copy of “Trouble Next Door”, just in time for Christmas. Do you like the cover? Officially it comes out on January 12th but you never know! You might be lucky and find it in your bookshop before Christmas! If not, don’t forget to save a book voucher or some Christmas cash for January so you can be the first to read about Bella, Sid and Magda in my brand new Here Comes Trouble series. Fans of “My Funny Family” are going to love... read more

My Funny Family Down Under

Hurrah! The latest adventure of the Butterfield family is out today and they’re off to Australia! Fun and excitement for everyone and lots of new things for Mattie to worry about as they explore this amazing country. Meet new characters such as:Summer, Jayden, and Mattie’s latest,very best friend, Eric. Find out about creatures like sharks and kangaroos and yabbies and possums and bilbies. Discover what’s up with Dontie. And don’t forget to let me know what you think about... read more